Welcome to Apivino

Based in the Cotswolds, we specialise in creating hand crafted mead and luxury honey. We have a wide selection of Meads available to suit all palates, from fruit flavoured options to more traditional flavours. 

Take a look at our store to find out more about our flavours and see what mead suits your tastes.


Beekeeper Mead

Join our beekeeper mead network !
We are always looking for different batches of honey from beekeepers to make
some mead. If you have a surplus of honey, why not send it to us to convert into
mead ? Just get in touch with us via the contact form . Once we have heard
from everyone whose interested, we will be able to send you more details about
what types of we can produce and the costs involved. Beekeepers can either buy it for their own use or they can become an Apivino Mead reseller - more details about what's involved available on request.